Exploring the Advantages of Article Marketing

If you’re trying to draw huge amounts of visitors to your website or blog You need to consider the use of article marketing to be one the primary methods to do so. There are a lot of websites that are waiting to read your post and generally, it’s free to send articles to these sites. If you write the article yourself or hire someone else to write them for you There are some basic facts to be aware of before you begin:

1. Benefits of Article Marketing Positively, the primary benefit of your campaign to generate traffic will be the backlinks you can earn through the process of publishing articles. Google and various other search engines evaluate the number of backlinks that link back to your website or blog. It is believed that if you have lots of one-way inbound hyperlinks (backlinks) then your website site should have plenty to provide in terms of content.

Some backlinks do not have the same SEO value, and article marketing isn’t the only method to acquire these. But, it is an excellent method to get these. Links from “authority” sites are credited significantly more by search engines than the backlinks you could get by, for instance making a comment on an unpopular or small-sized blog. This isn’t you shouldn’t make comments on the right blogs and forums. It’s just that the links you create through large article marketing websites have greater SEO authority with regard to backlink credit.

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2. Submitting Original Content Articles you submit to these sites for marketing articles must be your original, exclusive work. If they are found to be not original they could be rejected, requested to remove them, or, even more troubling you may end up facing charges of plagiarism. From an SEO standpoint it is important to understand that the articles will appear (as article) in the results of search engines independently of any blog or website.

Search engines are always looking to read original content because they believe it is more valuable to their users than content that has been copied and circulated around through the Internet for a long time. Therefore, if your content isn’t original and is not original, it’s less likely to be viewed and the links won’t be clicked on if they’re not easily accessible to users since articles are ranked lower in the search results.

3. Keywords and staying on topic Your content should be in close alignment with the subject matter of your website or blog. This applies to the hyperlinks you find at the end of your articles, as well. If your site is focused on bird cages, and you write an article about the topic of plumbing services , and include an ad-hoc link to your website for bird cages it is a waste of time and effort. Your article should be solely about bird cages . Any links in the bottom of your article should be linked to your bird cage website or another website with the same subject.

Before you begin writing, you must be aware of what the most effective keywords or key words are for your website and make use of them throughout everything you write , including the title of your article the article’s summary the body of your article and the list of keywords. Keyword saturation (frequency) in the body of your article should be between 1 to four percent in the overall amount of words, but not higher than that and not lower. Be careful not to use your keyword in a way that it causes your article to appear unreadable. Beware of a sentence such as: “Find the best bird cages at our bird cage site which is a favorite bird cage site of interest to bird cage lovers that is on the subject of bird cages.”

4. Submission Requirements – If you submit your article to an article marketing site, you’ll be asked to provide at minimum some, if you do not have all the details including the title of the article and a short synopsis of the article and the body of the article, and a list of keywords separated by commas, with no spaces between the commas, and there is no comma following the last keyword. Typically, you’ll receive an “Resource Box” where you can enter an enumerate biography of the author and the maximum number of hyperlinks allowed typically between two and three. If not, place the resource content right after your article’s body box. Separate your article from the content of the resource by putting it under an introductory heading “About the Author.”

The synopsis should not be longer than two to three paragraphs. The body of the article should be at least 4 hundred words in length and not more than the maximum amount of words allowed by the article’s marketing directories. Keywords are subject to a limit of characters. The resource box is usually the only place in which you can place self-serving links . The permissible amount of links can be specified.

5. Author guidelines and approval – In order to avoid having your article rejected, go through the guidelines for authors of every article marketing directory and follow the guidelines. Your article, typically, will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by a live, real staff member who is familiar with the rules of the website for marketing articles.

6. Maintaining Records Keep a journal which contains a record of all your publications and the dates on which they were submitted , and the date the person to whom they were sent. It should also include an area where you’ll be able to prove that the article was either approved or rejected, and an area for any comments you may want to write in. This will prevent you from submitting the same article more than once to every directory that is an absolute “no-no.”

7. Manual manual vs. Automated Submission – I recommend that you make the effort to submit your content manually, instead of relying on the many available software for submitting articles to computers. These programs can only send an identical version of your article to each website, which is in opposition to the notion of submitting solely original material. Furthermore, every website for article submission includes unique requirements and forms , and some have an “Captcha” entry box to ensure that the content is submitted by a individual and not through computers.

If you’re looking to pay for these services, there are professional website for article submission online that can complete all of your submissions for you at a cost. If you decide to go this route, for the reasons mentioned above, ensure that you are manually submitting original versions of your article to every directory using the appropriate format for each website.

As you can observe, article marketing can be an effort when done correctly. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to advertise your website or blog. If you write effectively and choose interesting subject areas to investigate, you’ll eventually establish yourself as an “authority” in your marketing area, someone who understands what they are talking about and is trustworthy enough to buy from.

Your content will be on these websites and also in indexes of search engines for many years, and throughout the time the backlinks that they generate will grow like rabbits. An article on its own won’t get the results you want. You need to be writing and posting articles on your topic on a regular basis to the many websites you can.

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