How To Create Your Own Blog

The first thing to do is what exactly is a blog? A blog is the abbreviation of “weblog”. It is basically the name of a website with entries listed in reverse chronological order. The initial idea of it was to function as an online journal, or diary which was kept updated on a daily basis. In the last 10 years, numerous blogging platforms and software programs have been designed to make this process EASY. For bloggers and blogger, based on the platform you use you simply type your post, click submit and it is displayed at the top of your site for all to view.

Many bloggers aren’t familiar with programming languages and are not “techies”. Starting a blog is one of the most simple ways there to get a website up and running. If you’ve never started one, why not try it? It can be very quick to set up and can be completely free.

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Let’s Get To Business!

1. Choose what topic you want to blog about.

This is the most important decision in order to create a successful property. It’s fine if the topic is broad at the beginning. As you progress and understand what your visitors need, you will be more specific. For instance, at the beginning, you might blog about marketing online all over the place, but after a while you realize you’d rather focus exclusively on SEO practices or social marketing via social media.

2. Decide for your blog’s name.

The name needs to be memorable, easy to spell and it would be advisable to include a keyword of the subjects you’ll be blogging about, that is if you write about online marketing and social media, then try to include words such as social, media, marketing, in the domain you choose to use.

3. To Host or Not To Host?

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, the most important choice is whether you’d prefer to host your blog on your own, or use an open-source blogging service that is hosted for you.

Free Blogging Services – Yes, it’s free, but nothing is really free. When you create a blog with a free blogging service but you don’t have your very own domain. You get something like “” and you don’t actually own the blog. If you decide to move to your own domain, there’s no means of taking your readers with you because you have no influence over the site.

Cost-effective – host your own blog using WordPress free software for blogs. This is the method I would suggest, as it gives you additional flexibility and flexibility to accomplish what you like. You’ll own your own domain name, like You can purchase this for just $30 per year. My experience has been that WordPress is excellent free blog software, which gives you flexibility and the potential to grow.

4. Don’t get seen naked!

Do not launch a blog that has more than 5 posts. In the blogosphere you typically have only one chance of impressing a visitor or other blogger. Too many new bloggers throw up two blog posts, and then begin working on promotion. In the blogging world, you are selling yourself and your writing.

If you’re not able to provide visitors with an image fully dressed up of the content of your blog, including what it’s about and what kind of writing will be on it Why should they throw a link your way or sign up to your RSS feed? When someone links to you or subscribes they’re giving a vote of confidence that your blog is worth their time So give them something to grab on to, as well as let them know that your website won’t end up being “just another abandoned blog.”

5. Market your blog.

When you start blogging , only your friends and family may be aware what your blog is about. How do you draw attention and the first time visitors?

I’ve found that posting comments on blogs or forums in your area was a good method to gain just a few people to visit your site. Another way to gain just a tiny amount of traffic is to send your blog posts to one or more blog carnivals.


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