Doing Blog Commenting Post Penguin Can Still Be Rewarding

Commenting on blogs in the form of comments has been used as a SEO strategy for a lengthy period of. The goal is to build back-links for your site in order to boost Page Rank, or raise selected keyword-phrases for your website in search engines. Additionally, by using this method, you can also drive in direct traffic however, the main goal of this SEO strategy was always focused on the link you receive back to your site.

If you had to look at SEO forums discussing link-building there are many who would be refer to this method being one of the most effective methods to get back-links on your website. This type of claim indicates that their SEO expertise is not up to date with regards to this particular SEO method. It’s not what you do; it’s how you do it that’s crucial.

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To use this blog commenting efficiently for SEO purposes, there’s more than simply posting a comment in any blog, chose quality before quantity. I’ve always believed this, and with the Penguin update in 2012, this has become more relevant than ever before.

Do not under-estimate the research on blogs; it’s a time-consuming, but crucial task.

To provide you with a visual of how difficult it could be to find just some good SEO compatible blogs: once I am able to gather a list of 15,000 domains for blogs I’ll then run the domains through a program that will provide information like pages PR, domain PR, and links to outgoing pages, but the most important part is that it lists blogs that are ‘dofollow’. From the list, about 200-600 blogs will be ‘do-follow and the rest of the many thousands of sites include the nofollow tag. However, the program will only examine a small portion of the technical aspects, but there’s something more important than just this, so we’re now faced with the laborious task of manually checking them to determine criteria like:

1. Is the blog still active?

2. Still approving comments?

3. Do the links in the comments outgoing actually ‘do-follow are they?

4. Is the comment field located in Java (if this is the case, the link will not be found through Google)?

5. Are there redirects on the link?

6. Has the blog been over-spammed?

7. Does the blog have pages that are Page Rank?

8. Which requirements are needed to place a comment (many blog sites require registration, or a subscription)?

After this is checked, I may have 50-100 blogs remaining that are suitable to utilize, however I have some blogs I’ve collected over the last four years, so I’d add around 15-40 new ones from a study of this volume.

Following this, I’ll manually begin by checking the blogs that the program showed as ‘no-follow’, and these are likely to be thousands of. I can’t possibly check all so I’ll need to choose combinations with the help of my experiences to determine the kind of usable blog. I typically base my choices on domain Page Rank, page PR, page-title etc. The blogs that the program showed as no-follow, I can describe it as fishing. Sometimes I will get lucky and bring in the biggest catch.

You will need blogs related to your specific subject matter

* Niche blogs

I’ve always believed that quality is paramount when it comes down to blog-commenting as a SEO strategy, the selection of the blogs you choose is crucial; you want to get backlinks from similar blogs with good page rank. However, if you have limited niches, there’s just not going to be a lot of related blogs that meet the requirements of a SEO user-friendly blog. Some blogs that you find might not even would like to read your post when they perceive you as an opponent.

* Related pages

Yes, related blogs are the best ones to comment on, but an important aspect to remember when you are trying to build your site’s link profile is that you receive links from multiple IP addresses.

The number of blogs you can choose from is increased by using authority blogs that contain pages that are related to your site. There are many blogs that have under-sections that can be used. For instance, let’s assume that your website is about yoga; expand to blogs for women, and health blogs.

TIP! If you are operating within an area of limited scope guest blogging can be an effective SEO method since there are more websites that provide quality back-links to the right written article.

Final Words

Using blog commenting as a SEO strategy after the Penguin update is based on quality in terms of selecting which blogs to post in and that you also contribute by making a good comment. The most difficult task will be the research you must conduct to discover related websites and blogs for your particular field.

The upside is that now you just have to follow your list and make comments. The average quality of your hyperlinks will be extremely high, that’s when and how your blog research is rewarded in big ways. That’s how you can gain a wealth of good links fast and effortlessly.

FINAL TIP! Make sure to acquire links from a variety of sources, not just blog comments In order to build a healthy and solid link profile, it is necessary to diversify your sources I’ll repeat that again: high-quality is the main factor.

Daniel works for Luminous SEO Company and writes for Conceptual-SEO about blog commenting []. In the last couple of years Daniel has gained a wealth of expertise in dofollow blogs research. He does it on daily basis for several websites simultaneously. As at Luminous SEO we work as in a team, and we are not just the two bloggers, we also have a team of writers for blog comments, bloggers who submit blog comments, blog profiles managers and blog guest post bloggers, guests blog post managers, and the list goes on. But it’s Daniel who is in charge of all the manual study he and his assistant did over the last 4 years . He understands every type of variation blogs can provide when it comes to quality, natural links, including anchor text and high PR hyperlinks. His list of the dofollow blogs for just about any topic is probably 1 of the most desired blog commenting lists in the world. That’s the reason we keep this list here at Luminous SEO Company well maintained and a well-kept from view. Since the beginning, it’s been vital to establish an appropriate link profile that is why it must include custom links and associations, which mean you need to ask for a seo-quote in order to have a long term seo-plan, that is specifically designed for your particular niche.

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