Why Won’t You Help Your SELF?

Over the past four decades, of providing and running, hundreds of self-development, personal assistance, and personal growth, seminars, and programs, I have come to strongly, believe in the possibility of you to be, as happy, and fulfilled, as possible it’s up = to – you, because, you must, proactively, take every step you can to contribute to, and create a SELF,which increases the possibility, and choices, and lessens personal tensions and stress! That’s right, it’s, up – to – you! Withthis in mind this article will endeavor to briefly think about an examination, study, and then discuss, using the metaphorical approach to explain what this represents, and why, it’s important for anyone who wants to be, the best you can be, and more fulfilled, and self – satisfied!

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1. Strengths/stronger; solutions; serving; long-term:Each of us have strengths, as well as weaknesses! Making yourself better means using every area of strength to make you better, and stronger, whileproactively, and realistically, dealing with all weaknesses! Consider many options and alternatives and choose the ones that will most effectively serve you and your self and your interests effectively and in a positive way! Take your time, and think carefully about not just addressing actual and perceived issuesand challenges, but, how to beat proceed, with an effective, sustainable, strategy and course of course of

2. Excellence; perseverance; enrich; efforts:Too often, people seek the perceived, path most favored by others, accepting the self – imposed, restrictions of their comfortable zone, and consider, adequate, an acceptable path! If you are looking to serve yourself however, you should demand your utmost degree of personal excellence. Because, although it might be more difficult to attain, so, in the longer – time, it’s almost always, the best option! It is evident that this requires determination, endurance, as well as a desire to improve your personal life! What you do with your time and the quality of them, often, distinguishes the most joyful and most content people from the rest of the crowd!

3. Learn, listen and learn lessons; leading:Each of us, must believe, in ourself, and proceed, withself-love since if you don’t truly care about yourself, nobody else will, also! Engage in listening with a keen eye, and learnfrom each conversation, and experience, to build up your competence, and hopefully, maximize your judgmentand wisdom!

4. Face realities; fate; fruitsion; the future; furnishAvoid being a lie to yourself, or choosing to wear rose – colored, glasses, but, face the facts with an open-minded mind and insist on the best way, to live the most optimal – possible life! Taking this responsibility, and bringing the most effective paths to fruition, assure yourself the best chance for a better – future! You have to accept the responsibility for your own destiny!

What is the reason why some put off work instead of doing everything, possible, to help yourself? It’s up to you!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO and CEO, Director of Development and consultant. He has also run events, consulted to thousands of people, and led personal development seminars for over four decades. Rich has written three books and a plethora of article

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