Message From the Universe

Yes I believed in the power of the power of coincidence, accident and luck until the day I gazed out at the world through your eyes, listened to your ears, felt it in my entire heart, and realized you were all I’d always hoped for.

It was an impressive effort.
The Universe

If the Universe is convinced should take it to the next level. Look at your self from the outside. Take a look back at the years and consider the present situation. We constantly criticize ourselves for the things we lack. We blame ourselves for the wealth we didn’t earn and for bodies that don’t meet our requirements, and for the jobs we aren’t able to find. Everyday we ask ourselves what we’re lacking in the things we want or hope for.

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According to the old saying “Thoughts create things happen” We should be asking ourselves “Where is my personal stuff?” Every day, I think great thoughts, but nothing happens. Why do my dreams do not come true?”. Let me ask you a question. Are your actions and beliefs in line with your beliefs? Are you just thinking about an idea or do you really know or believe in the question you’re asking? The Universe is a force that is a combination of the laws of gravity as well as the Laws of Attraction. The Universe will be responsive to your requests if you communicate in a clear and concise manner with it. But it is only possible if that you’ve done everything you can to remain honest with yourself. The Universe cannot be controlled by your thoughts. It is impossible to engage in mind games with the Universe. It is crucial to align your beliefs and thoughts. If you don’t, you won’t get any results at all. It is inevitable that you will be unable to believe in the Laws of Attraction. It is the fundamental principle of causality, which is among the most significant laws of the Universe.

No one is perfect, and nobody can claim to be flawless. Everyone has baggage. It’s our responsibility to choose which baggage we wish to carry with us. The baggage for learners is the most beneficial to keep. Your goal is to grow and be an improved person. The fear of who you are an indication that you are possessed by a an inner mind that is responsible for it. Einstein once stated that “Problems cannot be solved by the mind that came up with them.” Do you really want to tackle all of the issues and not know what to do? It is possible that you are puzzled by this statement, because it could cause you to think about the meaning of each problem you are able to tackle. You might say, “Well Dan, at work, I’m a problem-solver So what’s wrong?” The reason is that the issue you faced wasn’t your own. Your experience and knowledge have taught you to resolve the external issue. External assistance is needed to solve the emotional issues you make up in your head. In order to find a solution it is necessary to seek an outside perspective. There are psychologists, life coaches, psychiatrists, and a myriad of other experts to assist you. This guide will assist you find the answers you require quickly and help you move toward your desired goals.

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