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In the present day, every person loves blogs, and this is also true for Google. As you’ll discover in the next article, if you’re not already aware of it, when Google is in love with something, you have no choice but to accept it and begin to develop emotions about it. This article will explain the reasons why blogs are search engine optimizer’s best friend and why they should (if they haven’t already) become a major part of your online strategy if you are looking to boost your revenue and traffic.

Blogs help search engines to comprehend their content , which makes it simpler for users to wow the search engines and begin ranking at the top of the page for your primary keywords. Most blogging software arranges content and posts into categories that allow you to arrange your content according to specific categories.

The main point is that a blog’s structure and efficient use of categories will make your key words and phrases easy for search engines to locate and index, as well as rank. To comprehend how this works, you must understand the way blogs function in relation to your standard web site. Visit:-

Let’s suppose you publish an article on your website about how amazing the product you sell. The article is published on a single page, with perhaps one or two links from your home page or internal pages that link to it. This gives search engines just one or two possibilities of indexing and finding your content.

Then you publish the identical article on your blog. The software for your blog posts the article on your main blog in a lengthy list, which is usually sorted by the date of your most recent blog posts. The article is assigned its own page within the blog . If you assign the article to a category, the article will be published on the category’s specific page. For one post, you will get three pages on your blog that feature the article and keywords rich internal links throughout your blog which link directly to your article. To increase the visibility of your article, you can assign your article to more than one relevant category , and you will get additional pages and links on your blog that feature your post on it.

Keyword rich links that lead you to articles which focus on your most important words. To gain all the publicity and links that are keyword rich that a website can provide you with for just one article will take a long time on a standard site.

Blog posts can also be added to RSS feeds automatically , with no extra effort from the blog’s webmaster. If this happens, other users online , and even blogs can sign up to receive updates each time you publish a an update to your blog. If you RSS feeds have been syndicated as the embedded links back to your blog as well as the article are added. This means that more links are generated and published on other websites across the Internet which link directly to the blog. With just one blog post, you’ve created a lot of keywords rich internal links, which are followed by a multitude (possibly hundreds) of high-quality external hyperlinks. When your RSS feed is uploaded to an RSS directory or blog, RSS directory, you could gain more benefit by being listed by blogs as well as RSS search engines, where competitors aren’t included because they don’t have blogs or an RSS feed.

Blogs aren’t something you can design and then rest. It is essential to constantly maintain and keep your blog updated with new content and new posts, or you’ll soon lose RSS feed subscribers , and lose the SEO advantages you accumulated when you first began your blog. Updates take time , but they can make Google as well as other engines similar to you more effective. Updated content implies that search engines will be constantly scanning your site with their spiders and will continue indexing increasing the number of pages on your blog. In comparison to a static site which is not updated frequently, you’ll have an enormous advantage when it comes to getting found for your desired keywords on Google. The more pages that Google has indexing for your website, and the better suited your website is and the more credibility each of your blog posts will have when it comes to ranking against a competitor for a particular key word or phrase. Your blog can also force you to keep at the forefront of your company and ensure that it stays current and fresh with fresh ideas and ideas.

At this point you are aware of the enormous SEO advantages of having a blog linked to your website and business. A plethora of keyword-rich external and internal links, as well as continuous monitoring and crawling by Google and other search engine. What’s more, guess what? Blogs can provide more benefits than this.

Blogs that have active readers who leave comments on posts and articles are like virtual communities. Users link back to their blogs on online profiles and are constantly in contact on the site. You don’t have to handle all the work by yourself since you have a an entire team of individuals to take off and give you more links and more business references across the Internet. Today, blogs can be a huge asset for your SEO and online marketing strategies and shouldn’t be overlooked.


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