Automotive Advertising Agencies Need to Reinvent

The function of automotive advertising agencies is evolving as the automotive industry that they serve. It is crucial for automobile advertising companies to be educated and their customers who are auto dealers on their new roles in an auto industry that is consolidating which is moving to an Internet Super Highway vs. local car rows.

Solutions and problems shared at actual world events in the automotive industry have a direct impact on the industry and the gradual transition to the new pull/push environment of the consumer-driven Internet becomes more apparent. In addition, an increasing number of social media communities are also helping to spread the word about this issue and their timing could not be better. Visit:-

One thing that is constant within the automotive industry is the constant of change. Human nature is also a universal constant, but because that is the source of the most changes in the auto industry , it has to be taken into and considered by the automotive advertising agencies that can seek out consumers for solutions.

Radio, T.V. as well as newspapers have become the mediums that are of the day for Internet well-informed users. B2C messages on the internet are being removed in favor of C2C conversations within social media communities that are now scattered across the surface of the World Wide Web. Automotive advertising agencies need to reinvent themselves as the source that auto dealers depend on to guide them on the Internet Super Highway because that is the place where their customers are.

Staying ahead of the latest technologies and software that connect selling procedures between the actual and virtual showrooms and integrating auto dealers into the discussions that comprise the online market must be the primary goal of automotive advertising agencies that wish to assist their clients who are auto dealers in the current competitive auto market. Radio, T.V. and print production play diminished importance in the automotive advertising agency’s toolbox, and the leveraged online production tools will completely eliminate them in the in the near future. In the same way, commissions from agencies earned from traditional media analysis and placement are now being transferred to the media companies as value-added services for their auto dealer advertising. In the same way the automotive advertising budgets are shifting to online digital marketing platforms that have more reliable sourced R.O.I. which is better than traditional media. The digital writing is on the wall, and automotive advertising agencies have to either take it in or write it down, or accept their declining value in the future of automotive industry.”

The Internet has allowed customers to avoid auto dealers as well as their strategic marketing messages in favor of information sources on the internet that do not rely on advertising agencies for automotive vehicles or auto dealers to provide their content. At first, third-party aggregaters gathered online data from auto buyers trying to stay clear of traditional and virtual auto dealerships by acquiring the inventory of hundreds of auto dealers eager to put their inventory in front of customers who are looking for used and new automobiles. Consumers soon realized the limitations of viewing cars on a dealer-centric marketplace and the technology led evolution of online marketing platforms soon offered more consumer-centric solutions.

Dealers are now able to make money from social media using features that allow car buyers to share their car choices with their friends and family online to aid them in their car buying experience. These C2C conversations that are pushed into Face Book and other social networks replace earlier unsuccessful attempts by advertising agencies for automotive companies to publish B2C posts on these social networks. Automotive advertising agencies must be aware of sites that provide various free services as well as a way to get a seat at the table of social media. In addition, they have to inform their auto dealers about them in order to justify the cost of their services!

Other applications that are driven by technology advertising agencies must inform their clients who are auto dealers about which will enable them to offer more vehicles and services with less expense and less staff . These include the personal websites of dealers for their employees dashboard tools that incorporate text messages and telephones to provide more extensive and efficient follow-up, automatic video creation platforms that convert images on an auto dealer’s site to search engines using Facebook applications that permit auto dealers to show their entire inventory in an unobtrusive tab on the customer’s Face Book page, and customer interaction platforms that permit customers to engage in an interactive video chat directly from the auto dealer’s site that allows for a turnkey online transaction without the need to break the glass wall , which allows customers to progress through the negotiation process, and appraisal tools that offer visitors NADA valued values from their trade-ins while deciding on appropriate vehicles from the dealers ‘ online inventory to locate an alternative vehicle to the one they are selling.

Each of these online marketing and conversion tools can create a better R.O.I. even for the most well-written and positioned traditional automotive advertising messages or online digital marketing campaigns. These solutions based on technology and their value to automotive advertising agencies is essential to justify the agency’s fees to their clients who are auto dealers in the current era of consolidation in the auto industry. A lot of automotive advertising agencies believe that if they can bring in enough customers to their front door , they have earned their money. In the current era of consolidation in the automobile industry, it’s not the case!

The reduction in sales volume and the loss of profits margins that are lower, coupled with higher costs require that advertising agencies expand their responsibilities to incorporate internal selling processes that utilize methods to improve efficiency across all departments within the auto dealership, both their brick and mortar locations as well as their new virtual showrooms. It is essential to be involved playing to win and in the near future, the game will be played out on the World Wide Web. The most active lanes of the Internet Super Highway are those which lead to social media communities that exchange information between advertising agencies for automotive and car dealers just as they share information with their customers.


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